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Friday, May 31, 2013

Alien Costume Concept by Chris Sumption, 16" x 20" Digital using Painter

Alien Costume Concept by Chris Sumption - Final Version
Final Version
Alien Costume Concept by Chris Sumption - Intermediate Sketch
Intermediate Sketch (dolls for hands)
Alien Costume Concept by Chris Sumption - Initial Sketch
Initial Sketch
This was a purely digital piece I did in 2006 using Corel or actually it might have been the last Procreate version of Painter. It was originally a costume design concept that that didn't go anywhere with the customer. I then decided to illustrate it. What I thought was interesting about this one was what happened in the intermediate versions.
The initial sketch was done in one of my sketch pads with ink. The alien was supposed to be humanoid in shape with pincer like appendages. When I looked at the pincers with the forearm sleeves, I saw dolls. What if this alien had doll hands? I experimented with different looks, each one more and more demented. I finally had to make a good taste decision. Even though I thought they looked like dolls, what if someone else thought they looked like something more...
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